“The Lord is my Shepherd……….. He maketh me to lie down in green pasture” Psalm 23:10, 20.

As we resume our discussion on the Pasture of God, we take a look at a great responsibility on the part of the shepherd for which a commensurate response is expected from the sheep. The bible text for consideration is a very familiar one, right from our elementary days. This text highlights a very important duty on of the shepherd (God) which as, sheep (children of God), we must allow its awareness to influence our entire lifestyle.

“He maketh me to lie down………………..” The Shepherd makes the sheep lie down and ruminate. When sheep graze, they are usually on their legs but then lie down when ruminating. The process of ruminating is synonymous with the word “meditation”. As the sheep ruminate, chewing the cud and ingesting it, it is able to derive the maximum nutritional benefit from the grass it earlier ate. More so, as the sheep lie down ruminating, it conserves most energy which it uses in the process of growing. Consequently, the sheep is able to achieve its full potential within a short time frame.

The implication of this is: whatever troubles, turmoil’s, chaos etc that may be going on around you is not your business. It is the Master’s duty to attend to such troubles and bring about calm. Your duty as the sheep is to sit still and meditate on His word, so you could grow into fullness of His call upon your life within a short time frame. Sit still and learn to know that He is God. No more moving helter-skelter.

Unfortunately, many a sheep today have taken over the duty of the Shepherd. The sheep now try to ensure the pasture is safe enough for them to lie down, thereby channeling the energy which should have been used to bodily development towards and unprofitable course.

Dear sheep, it is not your duty to keep the pasture safe! Leave that for the Master. Whatever may be the commotion uncertainty etc around you, allow the Prince of Peace to handle it. Your duty, O sheep, is to lie down and meditate”. Yes meditate on His Word and let it grow and take deep root in you. Then and only then will you be able to grow into the fullness of what He is calling you unto.

Remember”………..after all these things do the Gentiles seek ……..”but only”…………………… in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength……………..”. God bless you.







TEXT: “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out” I Tim. 6:7

                At this peculiar time in own national lives when the standard of living is high and citizens can hardly make ends meet, it is important for us as Christian youths to be sober and ponder on what God has in mind for us in times like this.

                The first paTESTING GOD FOR ALL THINGS TEXT: “For we brought nothing into rt of our text says “… we brought nothing into the world….” The question then is: how did God expect us to survive when he did not “equip” us with what we would need to live our lives in the world?

                The good news is; though no baby came into the world with ANYTHING, yet the baby met everything it needed in the world. Conversely as Christians, though we brought nothing into the kingdom of God when we became born-again, yet all that we would need is already in the kingdom before we were born into it.

                As the parents that gave birth to a baby see to its welfare, in this manner God (word, I Peter 1: 23) who bore us into His kingdom is committed to our utmost welfare. As the body-child finds all it needs in the parents, so Christians also find ALL OUR NEEDS (spiritual, physical, material etc) in God and His Word. No wonder the bible enjoins us to seek first the kingdom of God, with a promise of adding other benefits. So, Christian youth, in a time like this, let’s seek God, His kingdom and His Word first, and watch to see if he won’t perform His promises. Shalom!