All praises, glory, honour and adoration be unto God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ who brought us into this new year 2017. We also thank Him on how far He has taken us through discipleship lessons from the Old and New Testament last year and its impact on our spiritual growth.

    For the first time half of this year, we will be learning about the life of Christ. The first lesson we are discussing today is THE FOUNDATION. This lesson talks about Jesus Christ our Lord who had no beginning. He is Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End (Rev.1:11,18; 2:8a).He is God because He was not created. He is an Eternal Being as are also the Father and the Holy Spirit. They make the Divine Trinity. He predates times and creation. Jesus had always been an integral part of God’s creation process right from the beginning. Through Him ALL THINGS WERE CREATED. He is the source of God’s creation; both visible and invisible things were created by Him because He is the WISDOM of God and Originator of all wisdom. He was not created but He is the power which brings everything to being. He is before angels, sea, earth, mountain, valley, etc.

However at the appointed time, He, being the word of God, became flesh (man) and chose to come to us, through our progenitors, dating back to father Abraham.

In the beginning, God had an eternal plan for man. He created man to be His representative and gave him authority on earth but he allowed himself to be deceived by satan who caused him to rebel against God and break His law; thereby incurring death penalty on himself and his whole race. Man, being sentenced to death cannot carry out the eternal purpose for which he was created. The only way left for man to carry out the eternal plan is to be redeemed and brought back into full reconciliation with God. God undertook this redemptive work for man, by sending Jesus that who had to become man in order to die for and resurrect from the dead so that the original plan could be realized. Jesus who had existed before any beginning known to man, became flesh in order to be able to identify with man and communicate God’s message to him so that man can take back his authority on earth. THANK GOD FOR THIS GREAT SALVATION.